Exclusive Google Pixel 9 Geekbench Leak: Tensor G4 Surprisingly Lower Than G3?



June 19, 2024


The cutting-edge features and smooth interaction with Google’s ecosystem of the Pixel series have long been praised. Pixel phones have revolutionized the Android market with every version, setting new standards. A recent Geekbench leak about the upcoming Google Pixel 9 has generated a lot of curiosity, particularly because of the chip’s surprising Tensor G4 performance metrics. This article goes into great length on the leak, examining its consequences and potential effects on Google’s most recent flagship phone.

Understanding Geekbench Scores

What is Geekbench?

A well-liked benchmarking program for assessing the performance of different gadgets, including laptops and smartphones, is called Geekbench. It gives a clear image of a device’s processing power by providing an extensive range of tests that measure both single-core and multi-core performance.

How are Geekbench Scores Calculated?

Geekbench scores are determined by running a number of challenging tests that mimic real-world usage situations. These assessments cover things like photo editing, video rendering, and online browsing. Subsequently, the scores are combined to provide an overall performance rating.

Importance of These Scores for Consumers and Tech Enthusiasts

Geekbench scores are an essential way for consumers and tech enthusiasts to determine a device’s capabilities. They support comparing various gadgets and helping customers make wise purchases. Better performance is typically indicated by higher scores, which is why the recent leak on the Tensor G4 has created such a stir.

Google Pixel 9 Overview

Expected Features and Specifications

A plethora of new features, such as an upgraded AI system, a svelte new design, and a better camera system, are anticipated for the Google Pixel 9. It is most likely going to run on the most recent version of Android, providing a streamlined and optimized user interface.

Design and Build Quality

The Google Pixel 9 is expected to have a more sophisticated and robust build, perhaps with new materials to give it a more upscale appearance. It is anticipated that the screen would refresh more frequently, offering a more seamless user experience.

Anticipated Release Date

Industry sources predict that Google will debut the Google Pixel 9 in the fall, in accordance with the firm’s customary launch timetable, even if the company has not formally announced the release date.

Tensor G4 Chip: What We Know So Far

History of the Tensor Chip Series

Google transitioned to using bespoke silicon with the Google Pixel 9 , which launched the Tensor chip series. These chips are made to improve machine learning and artificial intelligence jobs, offering a more effective and integrated performance.

Expected Improvements in the G4 Chip

It was expected that the Tensor G4 would bring about a number of noteworthy advances, including increased AI capabilities, quicker processing rates, and improved energy efficiency. It was anticipated that these improvements would put the Google Pixel 9 ahead of its rivals.

Comparison with Previous Tensor G3 Chip

It was anticipated that the Tensor G4 would perform noticeably better than the G3. On the other hand, it’s possible that these developments aren’t as big as initially thought based on the most recent Geekbench leak.

The Leak: Details and Implications

Source of the Geekbench Leak

The Geekbench findings for the Tensor G4 were released by a reputable industry insider, whose reports have always been reliable. The disclosure has caused a great deal of speculation and analysis within the tech world.

Breakdown of the Geekbench Scores

The Tensor G4 is said to have underperformed the Tensor G3, its predecessor, in both single- and multi-core tests. There is some skepticism over this because of the high expectations for Google’s newest CPU.

Implications of the Lower-Than-Expected Scores

The less-than-expected outcomes could indicate a number of problems. It may indicate issues with the chip’s design or manufacturing process, or it may indicate that the program isn’t operating at its best. This could impact how well the Google Pixel 9 performs in the marketplace and how buyers respond to it.

Comparing Tensor G4 to Competitors

How Does Tensor G4 Stack Up Against Apple’s A16 Bionic?

A16 Bionic from Apple is one of the top processors available for smartphones right now. Should the Tensor G4’s performance indeed fall short of expectations, it may find it difficult to match the A16 Bionic’s enhanced processing capacity and effectiveness.

Comparison with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

Another strong rival is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. If the rumored numbers are genuine, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which is well-known for its great performance and dependability, might surpass the Tensor G4.

Impacts on Market Competition

Google’s standing in the very competitive smartphone market may suffer if the Tensor G4 falls short of expectations. The sales of the Google Pixel 9 may be impacted if consumers choose handsets with CPUs that are more reliable and powerful.

Possible Reasons for Lower Scores

Hardware Limitations

Hardware restrictions could be one explanation for the lower scores. The chip may not operate as anticipated if its architecture is not as sophisticated as that of its rivals.

Software Optimization Issues

Hardware restrictions could be one explanation for the lower scores. The chip may not operate as anticipated if its architecture is not as sophisticated as that of its rivals.

Potential Impacts of Thermal Throttling

Another possibility is thermal throttling, in which a processor lowers its performance to prevent overheating. Benchmark results may drop if the Tensor G4 has a tendency to overheat and throttles its performance.

Google’s Response and Future Steps

Official Statements from Google

Google is still holding off on making an official comment on the Geekbench leak. It’s probable, though, that the business will address these issues in future remarks or during the Google Pixel 9 launch event.

Plans for Addressing the Performance Concerns

Google might change its software to improve the performance of the Tensor G4. They might also publish firmware updates to address any problems with thermal throttling.

Future Updates and Optimizations

Future updates and optimizations could potentially boost the Tensor G4’s performance, aligning it more closely with initial expectations. These updates will be crucial in determining the chip’s long-term performance.

Consumer Reactions and Expectations

Community Feedback on the Leak

The tech community has been vocal about the Geekbench leak, with many expressing disappointment. However, some are hopeful that Google will address these issues before the Google Pixel 9’s official release.

Expectations for the Final Product

Despite the leak, there is still a high level of anticipation for the Google Pixel 9. Consumers expect Google to deliver a well-rounded device with strong performance, innovative features, and excellent software integration.

Possible Impact on Sales and Market Perception

If the final product fails to meet performance expectations, it could affect the Google Pixel 9’s sales. However, if Google addresses

the concerns and delivers a robust device, the impact could be minimized.

Google Pixel 9

The Importance of Benchmarks in Smartphone Decisions

How Benchmarks Influence Consumer Choices

Benchmarks like Geekbench scores play a significant role in consumer decisions. They provide a quantifiable measure of a device’s performance, helping buyers compare different options.

Limitations of Relying Solely on Benchmarks

However, benchmarks are not the only factor to consider. Real-world performance, user experience, and additional features are equally important when choosing a smartphone.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Smartphone

When buying a smartphone, consumers should also consider factors like battery life, camera quality, build quality, and software support. These elements contribute to the overall user experience and satisfaction.

Looking Forward: The Future of Tensor Chips

What’s Next for the Tensor Series?

Despite the current concerns, the Tensor series represents Google’s commitment to custom silicon. Future iterations will likely continue to focus on AI and machine learning advancements.

Predictions for Tensor G5

The Tensor G5 is expected to address the shortcomings of the G4, offering improved performance and efficiency. As Google continues to refine its chip design, we can anticipate significant advancements in future models.

Long-Term Vision for Google’s Custom Chips

Google’s long-term vision for its custom chips involves creating a tightly integrated hardware-software ecosystem. This approach aims to enhance user experience and offer unique features that set Pixel devices apart from the competition.


The recent Geekbench leak regarding the Google Google Pixel 9’s Tensor G4 chip has raised important questions about the device’s performance. While the lower-than-expected scores are concerning, there is still hope that Google will address these issues before the official release. Benchmarks are a valuable tool for evaluating smartphones, but they are just one piece of the puzzle. The final verdict on the Pixel 9 will depend on its real-world performance and overall user experience.


What is the significance of Geekbench scores?

Geekbench scores are important as they provide a standardized measure of a device’s processing power, helping consumers compare different models.

How reliable are leaks for predicting final product performance?

While leaks can offer insights, they are not always accurate. The final product may differ significantly from early benchmarks due to software updates and optimizations.

What are the main improvements expected in the Google Pixel 9?

The Google Pixel 9 is expected to feature an improved camera system, enhanced AI capabilities, a higher refresh rate display, and a more durable design.

How does the Tensor G4 compare to other flagship chips?

Based on the leak, the Tensor G4 may lag behind competitors like Apple’s A16 Bionic and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. However, final comparisons will depend on real-world performance.

Will the Google Pixel 9 still be a good purchase despite the Geekbench leak?

The Google Pixel 9 could still be a strong contender if Google addresses the performance concerns and delivers a well-rounded device with excellent software integration and user experience.

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